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Monday, October 02, 2006

I could tell you, but then id have to kill you.

First blog entry in a long while.....have to get atleast one entry before the big launch of the poker room. For those of you that havent seen it yet a version can be found at: you can login with your usual poker sharks username and have a look around. Im very pleased with how things have turned out despite the delays - to coin a phase, good things come to those that wait.

Then we move on to the Season 3 winner Iceman and the prize thats just been sent out. Took me a while to find the right design but i was happy with what i found in the end. First of many for our elite players and a nice momento for the future (maybe even a nice bragging tool for any future live Poker Sharks games!), here it is:

A very nice prize methinks =).

The first of the things i cant tell you but will mention is: some great top 10 gifts so not just the number one position is rewarded next season (as if you need it, surely just playing is reward enough?).

Work and testing is going to take another 3-4 weeks so thats when Season 4 will be starting. Aiming for the end of October/early November - i've got some great ideas on how to get the traffic coming in its droves and im confident once they land they'll be here to stay. Onto the second thing i cant(/dont want to spoil the surprise) tell you- watch out for the viral puzzle coming out in the next month or so - it have you thinking im sure, but for now, thats all im saying.

So i suppose that ends another blog entry that has promised a lot but only delievered slithers of info i must apologise, all will become clear soon.

The next 2 months or so could see Poker Sharks take leaps and bounds from where we are today so its a very exciting time and i cant wait for all this hard work to pay off and see players playing in the poker room and enjoying themselves.

Not long to go i promise, bear with me.....