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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Update on the updates....

Well in short they are taking an age - when you update one thing it messes up another and you end up chasing your own tail for a few hours!

We are getting there though and the site will be back soon - sorry to all those who are waiting for Season 3, it will be coming soon i promise - and yeah i know i've said that before =).

On a brighter note we have the new designs for our 4 newest Poker Sharks - and i can tell you that these are looking superb. Just to prove how good they are, here's a sneek preview:

(Click to enlarge them)

Just a bit of proof i am doing something and not just pretending to be busy =). I think you'll agree that they look great, im very pleased with how they've turned out - the tiger shark took about 7 versions until we arrived at the one you're seeing now. More than worth the effort when the final results come in though!

So yeah, thats about it for now - the site will be back soon, when i dont know exactly yet, but it will be back soon. Thanks for being patient, im as keen to get Season 3 underway as anyone right now.




At 7:54 AM, Anonymous george said...

wicked new sharks the old ones now look second rate though, ah well suppose thats progress


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