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Monday, August 07, 2006

Season 3 is coming to an end...

Thursday 10th August 12AM(MIDNIGHT)GMT Season 3 ends

So thats nearly exactly 3 days to go before the magic 'Top 100' gets announced and all that hard work pays off. If you're in a different time zone than us Brits then please makes sure you've done everything you want to well in time so you dont lose out. So thats all challenges, poker skill games plus spend the last of those chips! Remember we now have a poker skill shop to spend any left over chips in the poker den that might just make a one place difference.

News on Season 4 is all good. The poker room is coming along great and we're nearly at beta testing stage so for those of you who will miss their daily fix of poker sharks then you're more than welcome to help test the biggest new addtion to poker sharks since the beginning.

Good luck people............3 days and counting...........


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