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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Season 2 - Top 100!

Well after 99 days of poker skill games, challenges and careful spending of chips we have our Top 100 for Season 2!

Well done to Hajuuu (you seem to add a 'u' each season), the lead changed hands a fair few times during the months but you came out victorious - Congratulations!

The Top 100 had many a interesting battle, whether it was 3rd and 4th, 6th and 7th or 35th and 36th everyone was battling hard for postion. Well done to all those that managed to get into the Top 100 - its getting harder each season! Also a big thankyou to the 1333 total players that took the time to sign up and give Poker Sharks a go.

Season 3 is a few weeks away and as always I have loads of additions that will be coming in to
make the game even better - details to follow VERY soon. There is the infamous poker room coming for Season 4 as well so there is loads to look foward to - this really is just the beginning!

Thanks again to all those that have played (and paid ) and well done to those that achieved a Top 100 place!

So without any further a do, here are the Top 100 for Season 2 (click to enlarge a section):


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