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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Loads happening....

Well, where to start?

At the begginning is as good a place as any....

The 4 new Poker Shark designs will be arriving for Season 3. The 4 new characters are:

  • Tiger Shark
  • Bull Shark
  • Nurse Shark
  • Angel Shark

Previews of all the new sharks will be coming soon, i dont want to spoil the suprise though! We will then have 8 Poker Shark characters to go with the 8 Poker Skills - each will have speacial abilities relating to these; more news to follow on that.

As well as these guys arriving, there will be some BIG changes happening in Season 3. I'll post the full list once its confirmed, but there are some great addtions to keep everyone on their toes!

Poker Sharks recently became PokerSharks Ltd (very official), meaning investors can buy shares in Poker Sharks. (If anyone is interested in this contact for more details.)

Outside investment has been brought on board allowing for not only these new characters but also the illusive Poker Room to be added! Planned for Season 4 as development and testing will all take time. I dont want to rush things and end up with bugs left right and centre. The poker room really will take Poker Sharks to the next level and improve player interaction no end making the whole experience 10 times better.

And you'll all be pleased to know that this fanatastic new addition wont be costing poker den members a single penny more. Oh no, you're standard poker den access which will be £5 for Season 3 will still be £5 for Season 4 despite the new poker room being added.


Well, outside investment has taken the brunt of the initial cost of the poker room, but also I have found some advertising partners. Now i hate advertising as much as the next person i am determined to keep it minimal. There will be one banner on the poker room and then on more on the main game.

At the moment the space has been taken up by online poker sites that offer real money poker. Now for those of you that dont want to gamble real mooney thats fine - just ignore them. But for those of you that do, you'll get some extra bonus' by click through from the Poker Sharks site, like free money so its not a bad deal really =)!

You've probably noticed the adverts over there-------------------------------------------------->

Well they all carry bonus' that will get you free cash if you signup on the respective site by following the links. Im hoping they arent to annoying for those of you who just want to come and find out whats going on.

But yeah, everything is looking good right now. There is a mountain of work to get through in the coming months but once its done the results will be magical - i hope.

Fingers crossed.


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