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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Season 3 is underway......just.

Seaoson 3 is finally here as of May 2nd!

To say it was eventful would be an understatement but we got there in the end. Apologies to those that had problems with their accounts - i think i've sorted everyones account now. If I havent please email me at and ill be more than happy to have a look if i've missed something. I dont bite i promise so instead of leaving upset, just drop me a line and ill see what i can do.

All in all though its been a great start with competition already hotting up at the top.

A few people have been asking about Poker Den membership. Just to be clear - everyone gets 3 days free access now, after this, the options to pay will appear - £5 for 100 days (1 season) or £15 for 400 days (4 seasons) - its up to you which you pick. Might have to look into making it possible to pay during the first 3 days but we'll see.

On a totally different note - a match between England and Germany Legends was on last night and it was a great game even though we lost 4-2. The highlight of the match was Boris Johnson (a wacky MP for those that dont know) taking out one of the germans in the funniest way possible. For those that missed the match you can see a clip of it here: BORIS the LEGEND

Anyway back to business - the forum has had a few new sections added to it so please join up and chat to your fellow Poker Sharks. You might want to ask a question or just express an opinion/idea about something.

So yeah, all in all Poker Sharks is looking good - spread the word to your mates and get them to sign up so they dont get too far behind. Lets make this a great season before the poker room arrives......i cant wait, yet im dreading the amount of work involved!

Oh yeah, im playing under cover this season so theres no Lynx bullying like last time - see you in the challenges very soon =).


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