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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Press Release Launched!

Today I braved the world of PR. I have been trying my best to get a press release out into the media but could never really afford that kind of money. Id rather save the money for future updates to improve the site.

However, recently I found a site that provides much cheaper press releases (approx £40 rather than £1000) if you write it yourself. Id never written one before but I've seen a few in my time and figured I'd give it a shot - what’s the worst that can happen?

Today I finished it and its being fired around the media world as we speak, click here to read it. The company is called eworldwire and they have even provided a small video clip for those journalists who don’t like reading and prefer watching (here it is). I like the way the guy is blatantly reading the article but is trying his best not to let on, nice piece of advertising though!

It was only launched late today and already the number of hits for the day are the biggest we've ever had. Hopefully all the journalists that are visiting will like the site and print a few words on Poker Sharks in their next article - fingers crossed anyway.

Of course loads of hits doesn’t mean anything without an increase in signups so I'm not going to count my chickens just yet. Promising start for a £40 press release though!

PS We crossed the 1000 player marker for Season 2 over the last couple of days - a few weeks better than last Season which is nice =).

PPS Im still waiting for the site updates to be done; they're close so I'll let you know once they've gone live.


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